• realizing the dream
  • From NJ to MA

    These foulies are awesome!

    We took 6 days to go from our marina in Jersey City, NJ to Fairhaven, MA. We could have done it more quickly but we were in a combination of vacation mode and ohcrapwecantbelieveweareactuallydoingthis mode. So, with that in mind, here is a recap of our trip: Day 1: Jersey City to Oyster Bay, NY. […]

  • refit
  • Hammer Time


    I seem to have a song for just about everything; most of the time I keep things to myself and just sing in my own head. But sometimes, especially when I’m a bit tired or distracted or feeling like lifting my own spirits, I will sing. And by “sing” I don’t mean a melodious tune. Nope, […]

  • Living aboard
  • Feelin’ Flaggy


    Did you know there are rules and etiquette for flags on boats? It makes sense since there are rules governing nearly every aspect of our lives and boating is positively steeped in tradition. Of course it is important to know these things, but you can’t know what you don’t know until you know, you know?