welding, redux

So, the welder returned… again.  We were sent some real-time photos that really made the process come alive.   The transom had a hole in it that had been patched with fiberglass. The welder cut away the rusty steel back to solid, non-rusted steel.   This was a particularly fun thing because the stanchions and […]

Our problems are solved!

Here is the next email message we received from the boatyard: I’m attaching some photos of the welding work, and of the fairing along the waterline…  …they have started welding on the transom.  If you have any questions, as ever, don’t hesitate to contact us. Oh happy, happy day!  There are fewer holes than there […]

Color Scheme and stuff

We negotiated to have the boat painted after all the holes were fixed.  Since this was the most exciting thing to have happened in recent memory and something I actually had control over I decided that it should not be painted white.  We discussed a couple of options and finally settled on a color called […]

water inside and out

By this point we were in the midst of despair.  Our boat was full of holes. We weren’t living on it (reference: commune living).  We had gotten rid of our beautiful West Village apartment .  We were spending mucho $$$ on nothing tangible.  In summary: not what we expected. We got this email: I am including […]


My better half returned from looking at the disaster that was our boat.  I needed to know how big things were so we could buy a new: stove (you know… to cook). ‘Cause ours is now garbage. refrigerator (you know… to keep food cold).  ‘Cause the previous one caused our boat to rust.   There […]