Weather complaining

New York is really chapping my hide (although I still haven’t gotten past loving to hate it).  As a West Coast transplant I am not in favor of extreme weather.  Since moving here in 2011 we have suffered an earthquake, two hurricanes (true, one in North Carolina but we sure felt it in NYC), two […]


I have mentioned Narnia a bit on this blog. It’s a magical land that absorbs stuff.  There’s no telling what sort of amazing life our tools are having.  I like to imagine that Prince Multi-Tool and Princess Wire Brush, along with their trusty steed Ospho, are doing battle with Evil Witch Rust.  No, actually, that’s […]

Water Central

Our boat has Water Central under the port settee.  No, really.  It’s where the water tank valves,  the pressurized water pump, and the whole-boat filter are located.  The hoses to the galley sink and head sinks originate here.  It’s also got space for a water heater or a water maker.  Water Central is a happening […]

Cooking on board

I love to cook and one of the things I looked for in a boat was a galley (kitchen) that was usable and easy to cook in.  Our Amazon 37 definitely fit the bill with more counter space than our New York apartment (though with a much smaller stove and refrigerator!).  The cooking area is […]